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“The Pro-Brewer Beer Quality & Consistency Plan

How to level up your brewery’s beer quality and consistency in the next 60 days, no matter if you’re planning/building a brewery and doing recipe development or your brewery is already up and running.


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What you will learn in this Free Online Workshop

Secret #1

How your favourite brewery manages their beer production for product quality and consistency
(and learn the way you can implement it in the next 60 days).


Secret #2

How to stop going down the Internet “research” rabbit hole when looking for reliable technical brewing information so you can simply get answers.

Secret #3

How to install the systems to brew consistently great beer every batch so you can clearly define quality in your brewery.

About Your Host:

Hendo’s “Rockstar Brewer System” is the best way for fast-growing craft breweries to build brand loyalty through Quality, Performance and Passion.

Having been a professional brewer for over a decade, Hendo is the brewery coach for Head Brewers and Brewery Owners who want to grow their production volume while enhancing beer quality.

Hendo works with brewers who understand that passionate craft beer fans are attracted to high-quality beer. He respects your existing ability as a professional brewer and gives you the tools to succeed in this ever increasing craft beer market. Hendo is the specialist that will give you fast results and effective techniques to brew awesome beer that creates loyal and passionate consumers who are ready to spend their hard-earned with your brewery.


The Craft Brewery Consistency Plan

How to have fun and brew your way to rapid craft brewery growth in just 90 days.