Rockstar Brewer Teams Up With The 5th Ingredient To Bring Beer30 Brewery Management System To Australia and New Zealand

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Those with a taste and a mind for beer will already know of its four key ingredients: water, malt, hops, and yeast. There is, however, an equally as important, fifth Ingredient, which is crucial for breweries in taking their practises and results to the next level – data.

US company, The 5th Ingredient, are one of the leading new lights when it comes to delivering exemplary brewery data management solutions. As a way of introducing themselves to the local brewing landscape, they have selected Rockstar Brewer, an Australian company delivering customised training, analysis and consulting services for breweries, as their official Brand Ambassador partner throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The alliance will initially take shape with the launch of the The 5th Ingredient’s flagship ‘Beer30’ brewery management system in Australia and New Zealand, via the Rockstar Brewer Academy.

In the words of Pulkit K Agrawal, founder and CEO of The 5Th Ingredient: “Our Beer30™ brewery data management system helps breweries of all sizes track their data from grain-to-glass and manage the processes that are crucial for success.”

The Beer30 program supports breweries of all sizes in three key areas:

  • Improving quality and consistency of beer across all batches
  • Increasing production efficiencies and yields
  • Decreasing production costs and losses.

In practical terms, Beer30 provides breweries with the means to track and utilise data around such crucial areas as; scheduling, raw material inventory, yeast, process data (brewing, fermenting, filtering, conditioning), barrel ageing, packaging inventory, packaging line downtime, sensory, distribution and keg tracking.

This Brand Ambassador partnership is a massive endorsement of the Rockstar Brewer as a rapidly ascending player on the local brewing landscape, as well as recognition of the burgeoning potential of the Trans-Tasman brewing industry.

Says Rockstar Brew founder Steve ‘Hendo’ Henderson; “We’re excited and honoured to be teaming up with a company as highly regarded and leading edge as The 5th Ingredient. The Beer30 brewery management system will be a real game changer for breweries of all sizes in managing their costs and consolidating consistent brewing processes.” 

And for the San Diego based company, the opportunity to gain a foothold into the Australian and New Zealand brewing marketplace by teaming with a reputable local partner was an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands.

Says Pulkit K Agrawal; “We have been extremely impressed by Hendo’s passion for improving the region’s expanding craft brewery scene, as well as his overall knowledge of the industry.  This partnership will be a valuable asset in providing the high level of service that our customers have come to expect, and will help to increase brand awareness for both The 5th Ingredient and Rockstar Brewer throughout the region’s growing craft brewery community.”

What’s impressive about Beer30 is the ease in which a brewery can be up and running – your brewery can be up and running within 2 hours!

Want to know more?  Check out Beer30’s features and book your demo today.

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