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Hey – I’m Hendo. I help professional brewers that struggle to find reliable technical brewing information to brew consistent, high quality beer that they’re proud of.

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Hey - I'm Hendo

I’m a coach & mentor for professional brewers.  I’m a fastidious nut for beer quality and consistency and I simply love well-made beer!

Working with craft breweries of all sizes both in planning and already up and running, I’m here to assist aspiring and established brewers on their journey to building successful craft brewing businesses.

Everything that I teach is based on the exact steps I took, so you don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in order to:

  • Craft beer that exceeds expectations and truly stands out;
  • Confidently invest in your skills & knowledge;
  • Connect with industry professionals and learn from their experience.

I’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years. I have a Graduate Certificate in Brewing from Federation University and I’m a Certified Trainer and Assessor.

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You’ve Come To The Right Place Because…

You find that turning to the internet for answers is overwhelming and most often leads you to misinformation.

You need reliable technical brewing advice to transition from a home brewer to a professional brewer (or maybe you’re already a professional and are in the same boat).

You feel lost in trying to improve your whole brewing process and constantly stress over the quality and consistency of your beer.

Here’s The Truth

To take your beer to the next level, you need reliable technical brewing advice and knowledge but getting access to that knowledge isn’t easy.

There are so many ways to complete all the jobs you need to do in your brewery but leaning on a local industry peer for advice feels like you’re wearing out your welcome and when you go online to ask a question, you get several conflicting answers with each brewer saying their way is the only right way.

What If You Could

Install the quality systems that the world’s best brewers use and have access to a wealth of knowledge at your disposal with a like-minded community of industry peers …. so you can get that knowledge to brew amazing beer that your consumers love?

So You Can Finally

Brew amazing beer that you’re proud of.

Improve your skills every day, and

Get the recognition for your beer that you deserve

You’re Not a Home Brewer Anymore.
Here’s Why You Might Be Stuck

  1. You’re having trouble scaling recipes and production from pilot-scale to larger batches.
  2. Ensuring consistency in your beer’s taste and quality is too difficult.
  3. You struggle to give consumers an amazing experience with regards to flavour outcomes, and your beer is seen as just mediocre.
  4. You lack sufficient hands-on commercial brewing experience.
  5. You may be operating your brewery solo and have nobody to bounce ideas off of.
  6. You’ve become a professional brewer but don’t feel like one because you still approach brewing as a home brewer and you’re not sure what you need to do.
  7. Your beer just isn’t as good, in your own opinion, as that brewery you love that has the cult following.

Beer Quality Bootcamp

If you’re a pro brewer looking to enhance the quality and consistency of your beer, then Beer Quality Bootcamp is for you. It’s designed to provide the knowledge you need to improve yourself as a professional brewer because….

  • You’re now exchanging beer for money (instead of giving it away for free as a home-brewer) and

  • Customers have high expectations when it comes to beer, and if their expectations aren’t met, they’ll be quick to move on to the next brewery.

  • As a professional brewer, you want to make beer that you’re proud of, and that means constantly enhancing your skills and knowledge.

  • Exceptional brewing is a journey with no end, and Beer Quality Bootcamp can help you start that journey today.

Topics covered in Beer Quality Bootcamp include:

  • Advanced Beer Recipe Development & Scaling
  • Master Brewing Water Chemistry
  • Minimise Dissolved Oxygen
  • Control Foam/Head Retention
  • Brewing Consistent Wort
  • Control Beer Carbonation
  • Manage Effective CIP
  • Create Hazy or Bright Beer

What Are You Getting?

Whether you’re about to turn pro or have years of pro-brewing experience, you’ll get the knowledge to take your beer from average to top-notch quality.

We unlock the secrets of the world’s top breweries! You’ll learn about the beer production process in detail that you’ve never seen.

Upon completion of Beer Quality Bootcamp, you’ll have a deep understanding of how the world’s top breweries worldwide make their superior beers, allowing you to craft exceptional beer with confidence and pride.

Get Answers From Our Brewing Community

All members of the Beer Quality Bootcamp get access to our private Facebook Community where you’ll have access to all the answers and expert advice you need to overcome any obstacle! Unlike public pro-brewer forums, we’re here for you, and we know that:

  • Every Brewer is different, and we respect that.
  • Every brewery and its equipment is different, and we respect that.
  • There’s no right way or wrong way to do a job in a brewery – there’s only your way.
  • Actively participating in conversations will get you far!

No more guessing or feeling lost! We'll guide you through every step of the way — all so you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of professional brewing!

With Beer Quality Bootcamp,
You Can Finally Become A Quality-Focused Pro Brewer!

Crafting the perfect pint is a true form of art and science that requires a combination of passion, skill, and knowledge.


At the Rockstar Brewer Academy, we’ll help you create a beer that tastes amazing and embodies your values and creativity.

You'll get the coursework, coaching, and community help you're looking for!

Join us today and take the next step towards brewing success!

What Fellow Brewers Are Saying

“We’d committed to building the brewery and I realised that I needed to step up my skills now that I was about to become a professional brewer.  I needed the practical version of the info to brew awesome beer without going down a Google rabbit hole.”

— Brenton Schoemaker | Kick Back Brewing

“You can’t afford to not consider quality in your business plan. So I was having a lot of trouble really just producing consistent beer and knowing how to improve the beers. I’m most excited about developing the recipes that I’ve got and it’s now just improving on those every single batch and making sure that they get to the standard they can be.”

— Beau Curtis | The Social Brewers

“Coming from a home-brewing background, The Rockstar Brewer Academy has given us the skills to transition from home brewing to professional, commercial brewing with confidence and outstanding results.”

— Luke Ronalds & Peter Wheldon | Currumbin Valley Brewing

“Our brewery was growing rapidly and it’s one thing to simply know how to brew but it’s another thing to make that beer well.  The Rockstar Brewer Academy was the right investment to take our beer to the level that our consumers deserve.”

— Kyle Pearson | Alice Springs Brewing Co

Brew Beer Worth Celebrating

With each sip, you’ll be able to taste the passion and dedication that went into crafting a beer that is truly exceptional, and follow our mantra of continuous improvement, “My next batch will be my best!”

  • Craft the perfect pint with confidence and pride.

  • Empower yourself with the knowledge to brew world-class beer.
  • Create a beer that is truly worth boasting about.

Have Any Questions? Get In Touch!

Crafting exceptional beer that stands out in today’s competitive market requires more than just a passion for brewing.

It requires a combination of the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to create a product that not only tastes great but also resonates with consumers.

With our comprehensive programs and expert guidance, you’ll learn the skills and techniques necessary to create world-class craft beer that stands out.

Start your journey towards brewing excellence today!



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