01.4 BQBC Orientation, Overview & Equipment Required

Equipment you’ll require to complete Beer Quality Bootcamp:

  • Density Meter:
    • Anton Paar Easydens
    • Anton Paar DMA35
    • Refractometer (for rapid hot-side measurements) and Hydrometer
  • Reliable pH Meter
    • Milwaukee MW101
    • Hach HQ50d
    • Hanna pH Meter
  • Reliable Thermometers – possibly Hand-held
    • To measure Mash Temp
    • Ensure your Fermentation Vessels can accurately measure temperature so as to control fermentation

Water Analysis

For Australian members of BQBC, you can order a water test from here.  My Brewery Lab is the sister site to rockstarbrewer.com that Hendo runs to provide lab services to the Australian brewing industry.

Regardless, your water analysis should be from a reputable lab where a sample from your HLT is measured.  You need the following analytes:

  • Ca in ppm
  • Mg in ppm
  • Na in ppm
  • SO4 in ppm
  • Cl in ppm
  • HCO3 in ppm
  • Total Alkalinity in ppm of CaCO3
  • pH