Introducing Rockstar Brewer Labs: Beer Quality Analysis Services For Australian Craft Brewers

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I am super-stoked to announce the launch of Rockstar Brewer Labs nation-wide for all Australian craft brewers!

Implementing a quality lab as part of your brewery operation is something that can really take your beer and your brand to the next level.

So we’ve made available at your disposal access to affordable laboratory services via our partner laboratory, Vintessential.

Previously, finding an using an external laboratory meant going to a food or wine-focused lab and trying to have a discussion about beer analysis.

Maybe you weren’t sure what you wanted to test or maybe you experienced a disjointed conversation trying to figure out what you needed.

We brewers have very specific needs when it comes to laboratory analysis.

While food and wine labs are great, up until now, there has never really been a brewer-to-brewer conversation that ensured you were getting the right lab analysis services provided for your business.

That’s where Rockstar Brewer Academy steps in.

So, as an Australian first, this is Brewery Lab services: By brewers.  For brewers.

We have a great suite of water, wort and beer tests available now and were always adding more analysis services.

Accessing a Brewery Lab Has Never Been Easier!

We wanted make lab services for your brewery to be easy and affordable.

Every test includes free sterile sample tubes and free postage of your sample to the lab via reply paid post with results sent back to you via email.

Whenever you need sterile sample tubes to send to the lab simply order them online!

So you no longer need to worry about what sort of vessel to send your sample in and how you were going to get your sample to the lab for analysis.

Now, it’s super easy!

What Can Rockstar Brewer Labs Analyse?

Here’s an idea of some of the tests we have available:

  • Water analysis.  Knowing your water is crucial to knowing your beer.  We provide Measurement of your the major brewing components in your water in ppm.  With this information at your disposal, you can enter numbers directly into your favourite beer recipe software. Great for dialling in your water profile for your beers.
  • Wort Analysis. While you’re likely to measure wort Gravity and pH yourself, we can provide an analysis of: Bitterness to determine kettle hop utilisation, colour, sugar composition for wort fermentability and free amino nitrogen just to name a few.
  • Beer Analysis. To ensure consistency in your product from batch to batch, we can provide analysis of: ABV via alcolyzerIBUs, Haze, and Colour.
  • Off-Flavours. Has something gone wrong with your beer? Get an idea of what happened by measuring common off-flavours such as AcetaldehydeEthyl Acetate and (coming soon) Diacetyl and its precursor.
  • Microbiological Analysis.  Proper microbiological control ensures that your product won’t become susceptible to spoilage yeast and bacteria.  Or maybe you’re looking to save money by re-pitching yeast.  With our detection tests for Lacto, Pedio, Brett and Acetic Acid microorganisms, we can plate up samples which can take a few days for a result but if you want rapid results, we have PCR analysis available which will give you results within just 24 hours!
Do you lack the time, space or capabilities to be able to conduct in-house micro testing. Rockstar Brewer Labs can help.

And of course, if there’s a test that’s not in our capabilities, contact us and we’ll work together to ensure you get the information you need.

This is something that I have been working on for a while and I’m stoked to have this available to you.

I hope that it will become a vital tool that will help you to grow your business through brewing high-quality beer.

Head on over to https://rockstarbrewer.com/labs for more information and to order your first FREE EasyTest Sample Pack.

Get started today!

If you have any questions about Rockstar Brewer Labs, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us….. We’re here to help!

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