How To Build A Quality Lab In Your Brewery On The Cheap

Have you ever wondered how to set up a lab in your brewery?

You know that there’s more information you could be getting about your beer to ensure that it’s the best it can be but where do you start?

Buying lab equipment can be very expensive – but it needn’t be!

In this course, you’ll transform your brewery into a beer quality powerhouse – saving you time and money while growing your brand!

You’ll learn the following skills:

  • Learn what the purpose of a brewery’s quality lab is and how it affects your decision making.
  • What the 4 components of a brewery quality lab are and what the function of each part is.
  • Cut through the noise and get a definitive list of lab equipment and consumables you’ll need to buy to set up a functional brewery lab for under $3000!
  • How to undertake 9 key brewery quality checks including what equipment you’ll need, how to care for your equipment for reliability and what constitutes a valid result.
  • How to undertake sensory analysis of your product for results.

In order to enrol in this course, you must have completed our foundation course called Beer Quality Essentials as this course builds on the knowledge you’ve gained there.

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Steve 'Hendo' Henderson Steve 'Hendo' Henderson Author