Brewery Consulting Services

Rockstar Brewer Consulting is a specialised brewery consulting service that will help you grow your craft beer business through achieving ongoing quality and consistency around your brewing practices.

Here are the sorts of things we can help you with:

  • New Product Development (NPD): Assisting you with beer recipe development, whether it’s writing a recipe from scratch or refining your existing recipes, we can put you on the road to creating award winning beers.
  • Sensory Training: Establishing a sensory panel at your brewery is key to product consistency which leads to consumer loyalty and repeat sales.  We can help you establish your sensory lab or help guide you through sensory training so you know exactly what’s happening with your beer.
  • Sensory Analysis: Not sure what’s happening with your beer?  Let us examine your beer’s appearance, aroma, flavour and mouthfeel to identify faults and suggest process improvements.
  • Operations Guidance & Training: Whether you’re a first-time professional brewer or an established brewery looking to increase quality, consistency and efficiency, let us help you achieve your desired results.
  • Quality Systems: Setting up your brewery with easy-to-implement Beer Quality Control Systems that will gear you for growth and success.
  • Setting Up Your Brewery’s Lab: Setting up your brewery’s lab needn’t be difficult.  We take the hassle out of setting up and maintaining an internal Beer Quality Lab.

You’ll be engaging with us directly, to best implement the strategies and learnings of the Rockstar Brewer training modules. We can either do it for you, or train you how to do it yourself.

Whether you’re a hobby brewer looking to take the next step, or a new brewery looking to stake your place in an ever-competitive marketplace, our advice and expertise is tailored to deliver tangible results at whatever stage of your beer journey you’re currently at.

To stay ahead of the game, click here to get in touch for an initial consultation, where we’ll establish a consultancy plan relevant to your specific needs